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Enter BIOS on Lenovo E31-70

3. februar 2016 · 2 Kommentar

To enter BIOS on a Lenovo E31-70, press down and hold Fn+F2 (because some time someone in the IT industry decided that nobody uses the F-buttons, so lets hide them behind a Fn-button combination… Ok, enough with the rant for this time).

The first time I entered BIOS I was presented with some debug configuration options, a DEBUG-section and other advanced features, but every time I enter the BIOS now I just get the standard options… I have absolutely NO IDEA WHAT-SO-EVER how I can get to those advanced options back!

Another thing, booting from a USB stick doesn’t seem to work, even after I disabled UEFI Secure Boot. Might be the form factor of the USB stick, which has a contact that is a bit thinner than normal contacts, but it works on other computers I have. End-of-rant.