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A feature request to Google for Google Maps

6. august 2020 · Ingen Kommentarer

Today I sent a feedback to Google about Google Maps, requesting a new feature.

I have a wish for a new feature that I didn’t know I wanted until I moved to Oslo. I would like to set a different “Home” address for my car than my appartment. My home address is not the same address where I park my car. The entry to my parking garage is on a different street, and GMaps often chooses completely different routes around/through Oslo depending on which address I set as destination.

For instance, getting directions from Drammen to “Home”, then GMaps often routes me on to “Ring 3″ near Lysaker. But when choosing destination of my parking it mostly takes me through the tunnels under Oslo on the highway E18.

I guess this might be an edge-case feature for the few, but at least it would make my life a tiny bit simpler.