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Unstable video capture with DC10+ on Ubuntu 10.10

28. november 2010 · Comments Off

Some weeks ago I wrote about capturing video with an old Pinnacle DC10+ card on Ubuntu 10.10. Since then I have had varying success capturing hours of video from both Hi8 and VHS sources. Often lavrec will exit in the middle of a recording with somewhat unknown error messages such as: # dmesg: DC10plus[0]: jpg_sync [...]

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Video capture the old way on new Ubuntu 10.10

6. november 2010 · 3 kommentarer

Like probably many people, I have a lot of old analog video recordings on HI-8 and VHS tape I just have forgotten to keep up to date with technology. I guess it’s time to start capturing video. Soon… First, the camcorders charger is broken, and buying a new one is kind of difficult, but luckily, [...]

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Enlargen the disk capacity of Windows in VirtualBox

5. november 2010 · Comments Off

If you need more disk capacity for your Windows installation in VirtualBox you can make a new virtual disk in VirtualBox with the capacity you want. The new disk must be larger than the old one. Then use System Rescue CD with the partitioning tool GParted to copy the original disk over to the larger [...]

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