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Surround over HDMI med mpv i Linux

16. mars 2021 · Comments Off

Dette er en “note to self”, etter å ha søkt litt rundt på Internett etter løsning på hvordan å få surround-lyd over HDMI med mpv, og ikke bare stereo. $ mpv \ –audio-channels=5.1,stereo \ –audio-spdif=ac3,eac3,dts-hd,truehd \ –audio-device=alsa/hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 \ audiofile.mp4 Fant tipset på Oppdatering 27.09.2023 Jeg støtte i dag på et tilfelle med en videofil [...]

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Unstable video capture with DC10+ on Ubuntu 10.10

28. november 2010 · Comments Off

Some weeks ago I wrote about capturing video with an old Pinnacle DC10+ card on Ubuntu 10.10. Since then I have had varying success capturing hours of video from both Hi8 and VHS sources. Often lavrec will exit in the middle of a recording with somewhat unknown error messages such as: # dmesg: DC10plus[0]: jpg_sync [...]

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Video capture the old way on new Ubuntu 10.10

6. november 2010 · 3 kommentarer

Like probably many people, I have a lot of old analog video recordings on HI-8 and VHS tape I just have forgotten to keep up to date with technology. I guess it’s time to start capturing video. Soon… First, the camcorders charger is broken, and buying a new one is kind of difficult, but luckily, [...]

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