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Logitech Media Server on skinny Debian Jessie

29. august 2016 · Comments Off

WAV/PCM files were not played by Logitech Media Server, with zero logging in /var/log/squeezeboxserver/server.log, on a tiny installation of Debian Jessie. I tried to tune log levels and found some tools lacking, such as “flac” and “lame”, but none of them fixed my problem, and still no explanation in the log files. But I found [...]

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Cryptic error message from Courier IMAP server – Permission Denied

2. juli 2012 · Comments Off

I have debugged this error message for the last couple of days. Jul 1 23:11:56 lance imapd: LOGIN,, ip=[::ffff:AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD], port=[48700], protocol=IMAP Jul 1 23:11:56 lance imapd: Permission denied The solution was pretty simple. The /tmp folder had bad permissions. This server was only meant for hosting email services, so bad permissions on /tmp [...]

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