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Cryptic error message from Courier IMAP server – Permission Denied

2. juli 2012 · Comments Off

I have debugged this error message for the last couple of days. Jul 1 23:11:56 lance imapd: LOGIN,, ip=[::ffff:AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD], port=[48700], protocol=IMAP Jul 1 23:11:56 lance imapd: Permission denied The solution was pretty simple. The /tmp folder had bad permissions. This server was only meant for hosting email services, so bad permissions on /tmp [...]

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Debugging Google Maps in Android applications – uses-library

20. juli 2010 · Comments Off

If your application is failing with a ClassNotFoundException of the class, then the uses-library tag might be misplaced or missing from the application manifest XML. When adding Google Maps to your Android application, make sure that the <uses -library>-tag is inside the <application>-tag of the manifest XML. This might be obvious, but I got [...]

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Debugging MythTV 0.23 and ivtv

8. juli 2010 · Comments Off

If you have a Hauppauge PVR-500 card and recently upgraded Ubuntu to latest 10.04 Lucid, then you might have had problems viewing live TV. The quick fix might be to just install the package “ivtv-utils” and to reconfigure the video input/sources with mythtv-setup. I also had a problem with disconnects and warnings of wrong protocol [...]

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Debugging your Android application

9. januar 2010 · Comments Off

I am novice on Android application development, slowly starting to understand the architecture. I particularly like that communication between applications and data storage are resource centric. But anyway… If you have been developing mobile applications for Android you have most likely seen some exceptions in the Eclipse debugger that you don’t understand, maybe not the [...]

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Could not dupe: Bad file descriptor

8. september 2009 · 2 kommentarer

Ok, so I have been debugging a Perl application that I wrote about six months ago. Basically it creates some meta data and copies files to other user accounts using SSH. For file transfer it uses File::RsyncP and for remote control it uses Net::SSH::Perl. Some times I get the error message Could not dupe: Bad [...]

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